About Us

At Open Future, we believe in the value of the open internet.

We recognize that in today’s digital landscape, openness both poses challenges to concentrations of power and, paradoxically, empowers them. This is what we call the Paradox of Open.

Our mission is to reimagine and reframe openness by tackling power-related issues and addressing the imbalances it can create. Our primary focus is safeguarding the open internet to maximize the positive impacts of shared data, knowledge, and culture on society.

To this end, our team develops civil society strategies and policies for cultivating Digital Commons.

Digital Commons are resources shared in the public interest, governed democratically, and collectively overseen. This approach provides a viable alternative to the traditional proprietary ownership model.

Open Future is committed to exploring the current and future challenges of the digital world.

As part of our dedication to digital rights and the protection of Europe’s digital sovereignty, we champion the concept of the Digital Public Space. It is an ecosystem built on Public Digital Infrastructures that are democratically and sustainably governed. Our vision is to create a space where digital resources serve the public interest and democratic principles are upheld.

Open Future is a European nonprofit organization. We are a small, dedicated team of advocates, researchers, and community builders. You can learn more about the team, our fellows, and other people involved in our work here. If you want to read about how we operate, including our funders, partners, and the governance of Open Future, visit our Transparency page.

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